Creating and Maintaining Great Customer Relationships
(How do I get my customers to love me?)

The participants will identify individual challenges with customer service, so that specific, practical methods for dealing with each challenge can be identified.  We will discover what affects our professional or unprofessional responses and identify the causes of unprofessional responses.  Methods for avoiding each cause and reducing the negative result will be discussed. 

How do we treat our “internal” customers differently from our other customers?  We will cover the four basic needs of your customers, how these are currently being met (or not), and discover ways to better meet them.  How to handle customer complaints - the constant complainer and reasonable ones?  Learn how to say "no" when you have to, without making the situation worse.  We will practice handling conflictive customer situations with E.A.S.E. 

Attendees will practice with realistic situations throughout the training session.

4 hours



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