Overcoming Negativity
(Turn negatives into positives.)

Had enough of the negativity of others? Are you using selective neglect to deal with all “those” people in your life? Identify the causes of negativity in others. Numerous methods to deal with negative individuals will be presented and practiced in this session. Learn specific techniques to use the negative person’s special skills and help him/her to be more productive. Practical work-related applications of these techniques are included. Bonus topic: What to do when the "Negative Person" is you!?!

3 hours

Overcoming Negativity is enhanced when combined with the completion, interpretation and discussion of the learning instrument, Coping & Stress Profile that identifies the individual's coping skills in four life areas (Personal, Family, Couple, and Work). Action plans will be developed. Attendees learn how to use the information to reduce the negativity in their own lives and to develop their coping skills.

3 hours





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