Team Building
(Tools that help your people know how important they are)

In this session we will define what it means to be a team. Learn the benefits and challenges of Teams and Team Building. Discuss the differences between groups and teams and identify the four stages of team building. We can discover the roles, goals, and procedures for a specific team. Customized action plans will be developed to include team building techniques. A self-discovery, self-evaluation tool, “What kind of Team Builder are you?” provides individual strengths and areas for improvement in building teams. Attendees will develop individualized techniques for use with specific employees and departments.

4 hours

Team Commandments

Work groups will discuss roles, goals and procedures with questions provided to help clarify individual responsibilities. Participants will determine small group commandments. Individuals will be asked to write five (5) commandments. The attendees will be divided into functional work groups to discuss and coordinate these individual sets into a small group of five (5) commandments. These commandments will be presented to the entire group for feedback, and then be posted in conspicuous areas to remind each work group of what they have agreed to do.

2 hours





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