Master your Time Habits
(Don’t “waste” your time and mine.)

Completion, interpretation, and discovery of individual time management styles are accomplished with the Time Mastery Profile. Practical ideas help participants to improve their time management skills in 12 key categories: Attitudes, Goals, Priorities, Analyzing, Planning, Scheduling, Interruptions, Meetings, Paperwork, Delegation, Procrastination, and Teamwork. An action plan will be developed by the individual with specific steps to ensure the priority of work to increase performance.

6 hours

Without the Time Mastery Profile, an alternate time management curriculum could include: time wasters of the participants and how to reduce or avoid each, plus planning, procrastination and the use of "To Do" lists. Participants could identify at least one time waster in their life and develop action steps to reduce and/or eliminate it.

2 hours




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