May-June 2019

Overcoming Negativity

(Turn negatives into positives.)

Had enough of the negativity of others?  Are you using selective neglect to deal with all “those” people in your life?  Identify the causes of negativity in others.  Numerous methods to deal with negative individuals will be presented and practiced in this session.  Learn specific techniques to use the negative person’s special skills and help him/her to be more productive.  Practical work-related applications of these techniques are included. Bonus topic:  What to do when the "Negative Person" is you!?! 

1 session    Friday, May 10, 2019 9:00 a.m.– Noon      Instructor: Christine Schneider Smith

Cost $139.00 - Register online here:


Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Skills

   Start with quality problem definition, including questions to be asked to define, to decide who and what are affected by this problem, and anticipate possible results.   Learn where to look for information when gathering facts.  Re-defining the problem is sometimes necessary once you have collected those facts.   Developing and discussing alternative responses including brainstorming methods will be presented.  Evaluating the alternatives developed with the Eight Tests of the Workability of an Idea checklist finds possible ramifications and the precedence of the decision being discussed.  Use Factors to Keep in Mind when Making Decisions handout, as a guide to making the “best” decision.  Identify where documentation fits into the process and what should be documented.  Work-related situation practice is included throughout this session

1 session     Monday, May 20, 2019 1:00 – 4:00 PM     Instructor: Christine Schneider Smith

Cost $139.00 - Register online here:



Harassment, Hostile Work Environment, Bullying, EEOC and ACT Management/Supervisory

  The goal of this session is to meet the educational requirements of compliance and to help create a positive workplace culture in your organization.  Equal Employment Opportunities Commission definitions have been expanded and include more protected classes.  We will discuss and define these expanded classes, including what is not illegal.  The costs of harassment to the organization and the individual supervisor are addressed.  With a few questions, you can determine if your behavior is unwanted and unwelcome, and a self-assessment helps determine who might be a workplace bully.  Types of illegal harassment and hostile work environment activities will be identified.  Steps to discourage harassment and teach others to speak up will be covered, including ways for the supervisors to encourage reporting, set a positive example, the procedure for complaints and the documentation required.  The participants will discuss the differences between harassment, bullying and quality supervision.  Preventive measures to reduce or eliminate harassment and bullying in your workplace will be identified.  ACT gives victims and bystanders of unwanted or unwelcome behavior a method to stand up and speak up. Practice is included.

1 session     Friday, June 14, 2019 9:00 a.m.– Noon     Instructor: Christine Schneider Smith

Cost $139.00 - Register online here:



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