Best Practices with Challenging “Characters”
(How to deal with “awful” people)

OPTION ONE: Completion and interpretation of the DiSC Classic helps the participant "discover" his/her individual style. All four major styles and the combinations of those styles are described and discussed. Applications of the information are decided by the organization and attendees and could include: relating with co-workers and supervisors; how to work with "difficult" people; and improving the results when working with each of the different work styles. An application activity with specific strategies is included.

4 hours

OPTION TWO: A shorter version of the above can be provided using the less in-depth DiSC Preview. The four major styles are covered. An application activity is included.

2 hours

OPTION THREE: By answering questions, the participants can be divided into the four major behavioral styles. These styles would be discussed with the best methods for dealing with each.

1 1/2 hours

RESULTS EXPECTED: Participants will know how his/her style has been interacting with the behavioral styles of others in a positive or negative manner. They will be able to reinforce positive methods and adjust individual work styles to better meet the needs of the employee and the situation to create an opportunity for the best results.




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