Making the Most of Generational Differences
(Value, accept, and utilize all levels of experience currently in the workforce)

This is the first time that there are four (4) generations working at the same time. It is the first time since 1948 that Americans aged 65 and up, outnumber teens in the workforce. People living today have gone from World War II to the World Wide Web…And that can create inter-generational conflicts.

We will talk about the general trends and characteristics of each generation, and identify some of each generation’s strengths and challenges. Managers and supervisors need to know how to manage this combination of generational differences. Managing and motivating this fluid workforce is very different from managing a “stable” one because these individuals have significant differences.

Each generation provides quality and productivity by tapping into their strengths and developing those areas needing improvement. We will brainstorm ways to work better with each of the different generations, looking for ways to recognize, appreciate, value and utilize the diverse qualities, talents and contributions of each generation.

3 hours




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